Brand Statement

A circular society valuing resources, is what always TAU has been thinking about.
Do you know “Broken Window” theory? If you leave a broken window unrepaired, it becomes a sign of “Nobody paying attention here”, makes crimes easy to happen, leading to an unsafe environment. Same is true about cars, as if we leave a car dirty, gradually we will pay less and less attention to our own car, while it is said that possibility of causing an accident by a dirty car driver is 1.5 times more than of a person who always keep their car clean.

At CARTENDER, by long lasting cleanness of the cars, we want to grow the desire for more careful use of them, leading to safe driving and less tragic accidents in the world.

Taking “Tender” care of “Car”.
Taking good care of customer’s important car, make it clean. This is our CARTENDER’s philosophy.

Brand Logo

The logo design is based on “window of a Japanese tea ceremony room”, which is one of the styles in Japanese beauty concepts. In a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room, any Japanese person can feel beauty style of its traditional making, columns or ceiling, walls and all other places.

CARTENDER’s brand logo consists of a traditional tea room window expressing the Japanese beauty style, and the character for car “車” inside it. Combining the Chinese character with English, it expresses not being restricted by tradition, but to cause a revolution in automobile industry which is a corporate culture of the challenging CARTENDER.

Brand colour is red, meaning “Challenge, Passion, Innovation” and recalling the “Sunrise”.

Welcome to CARTENDER

Japanese Craftsmanship World Of Automotive Engine Oils and Coating/Detailing Products

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